About Us

From modest early period in 2013, FOREX has borne with glow aspire of Hotels, Restaurants, Hospital, Laundry and any Prestigious Establishments supplies with a dream into be one of the leading business house in Bangladesh on the trade.
From the beginning the Company has determined in providing value added services and development business opportunities including provision of total solutions of Turn key basis commercial kitchen, Laundry, Integrated Security system, Interior decoration, Cleaning, hygiene and sanitation to an increasingly developing Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals and others. The fundamental strength of the Company is our commitment and enthusiasm to
provide an excellent service for our clients, and this has never diminished. This linked is to our unique understanding of the economic and industrial priorities of the country empower us to take long term and strategic views of Our operations.
Our objectives are to provide quality and value-for-money services. We aim to be an innovative and dynamic company, one that can provide our clients with a comprehensive service of consistently high standard, customized to
satisfy our clients’ individual requirements. We strive to be a responsible corporate citizen recognized for our business integrity and with expertise to design and construct projects, which will improve the quality of service and
satisfy the needs of the needy.

Our Vision:

“FOREX” is dedicated to ensure an environment-friendly; clean world where one can take fresh breath, as our motto is “Unity We grow”.

Our Expertise:

We believe that the fundamental vitality and strength of our countrywide
company lies in our people. We commit ourselves to supporting,
encouraging, developing and strengthening our team of employees around
the country.